Key Features

Configurable Admin Dashboard

  • Configurable slot machine via par sheet
  • Data aggregation and analytics
  • Slot machine simulation
  • Serverless backend

System Monitoring and analytics

  • Real time monitoring and dashboard
  • Alerting and notification on KPIs using Prometheus
  • Big data Stream analytics


  • Web application firewall
  • Data encryption in flight and at Rest
  • Access logs monitoring
  • Limited privileged infrastructure access and control

Infrastructure Elasticity

  • Auto scale-in and scale out based on workload
  • Low latency round trip from client
  • Micro service based resilient architecture
  • Auto fail over recovery

Game Math

  • Game math satisfying RTP
  • Social and real money game experience
  • Detailed KPIs to analyse win distribution

Value Additions

Managing peak/variable work load

Our infrastructure grows and shrinks automatically to accomodate times when the traffic is high and when its normal

99.99% Up-time

Auto failover recovery and replication strategies keeps our games highly available to our users all the time

Multiple browser support for Mobile and Desktop

User facing frontend is supported in all the browsers - modern and legacy on Desktop and Mobile with complete responsiveness.

Application security

Our games are guarded against attacks over the web and has provisions to block out starting from an IP to a region as big as a country.

Configurable Game Math

Provisions to alter game mathematics and simulate the math enables us to iterate user experience that we want our users to have.

User management and concurrency

Multiple users playing multiple games or the same game at different places is handled safely, preventing users bumping on to each other.

Resource optimisation for better UX and complex animations

Low memory and compute footprint on client browser enables smooth and seamless UX.

Real time analytics

KPIs are tracked with every user interaction with the game near instantly as they occur. Gives insights on game behaviour at a moment

Cost efficiency

Adequate use of Server resources and and intelligent infrastructure policies reduces overall cost per user for a game.

Minimalistic time to production

Our devs release changes to production everyday multiple times through a backbone network of deployment pipelines, helping to iterate quickly.

Integrating disparate data sources (analytical purpose)

Data, from variety of sources is integrated and made sense of by our Analytical engine, providing insights to our data scientists.

24*7 customer support

Every event logging helps our customer support to check a result of user interaction and provide support instantly.

Key Statistics

Below mentioned are high level statistics of live games integrated in casino for our partners developed by Scaletech.


Total Games


Daily Spins


Average RTP


Response Time (99th quantile)

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